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Monday, December 7, 2009


  Time really is of the essence here. As Republicans and Democrats grapple over wording in the Senate health care debate, the usual verbal assaulting and complaints are rampant. One accusation that has ruffled my conscientious feathers is that Republicans are purposely trying to ruin President Obama's career by holding out for anti-abortion language in the new measure for health insurance coverage. Are they not aware that this has been an issue ever since the Roe vs. Wade decision thirty-six years ago and has little to nothing to with a political agenda? It goes much deeper than that for most folks. This is a matter of conscience, ethics, and for many, their understanding of God.

  Many Democrats are also speaking and promising to vote their consciences on this issue. They don't want our government, with our tax dollars, to pay for abortions either, directly or indirectly. By indirectly, I mean that if the bill is not worded correctly then abortion providers could still be paid by using federal subsidies. This debate certainly crosses party lines for the reason that it's not about political parties! It's about babies! It's about those cute cuddly things we see in movies and on greeting cards. It's about our humanity. It's about our standing before God.
  The Stupak ammendment, you may have heard about, seeks to avoid any government funding of abortions by prohibiting federal subsidies to health plan providers who cover abortions. If a woman wanted an abortion she would have to buy her own plan and not expect our taxes to pay for it. No government money should be used to fund the killing of an unborn child.
  As I mentioned before, we are riding a turbulent wave and a crash on the rocky shore is imminent if we continue to turn a blind eye to the horrendous impact of the taking of millions of innocent lives in our country.

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