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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pray for our Country, Pray for our President

  "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Democrats reached a compromise on Saturday with the last holdout senator that secured the 60 votes they need to pass a broad healthcare overhaul sought by President Barack Obama."
  I love this country. I love the ideals this country supposedly stands for which I first learned about as a kid in school. I loved those thrilling words of Patrick Henry which I first read in my fourth grade history class, "...give me liberty or give me death!"  Please read the previous posting of the speech he gave which culminates with these heroic words.
  This speech was written as a prelude to the Revolutionary War. It was a ferocious time with lives lost on both sides and injuries and losses were great as in all wars. No thinking caring, reasonable person likes war. Our founding fathers deemed that war to be necessary to secure our freedoms. I despise war, but I am afraid that the storm clouds of an inner war in this country, are rising.
  Right now in Washington DC, a 2000 page bill is being pushed through our House of Representatives while the nation digs out from snow and prepares for the Christmas holiday season. We're wrapping pretty presents and the politicians are wrapping up a dirty package which is going to be disagreeable to nearly every citizen of this country. When I was a child learning about the wonders of our democratic form of government, I was comfortable in knowing that the majority rules by vote. I can remember my wise mother, however, mentioning that it was not always the case. I think of her remarks now as our politicians are working very hard on pulling off something that the majority of the American public disagrees with. We also, have not been given enough time to learn all of the necessary information in order that we may make a reasonable assessment of this bill.
  (I will not discuss the financial workings or the debates about how many Americans actually can't get health care because this blog is solely about abortion and a baby's right to live.)
  Fact: Support for abortion is falling as Americans are given more information about this gruesome practice.
  Fact: Support for this bill is falling as Americans are given more information about it.
  Supposition: How can any of our representatives fully understand this complicated 2000 page document,
which keeps changing, in such a short amount of time? I don't think they can.
  This much, I do know: we're being railroaded into federally paying for abortions! Don't just read the headlines; read the fine print. The money may be pooled differently, but it's still government money. It's your money and mine. This is one of the main reasons why I left the United Methodist Church. I did not want to pay to support abortions. Most people, sitting in the pews, do not realize where all of their money goes.
   Back to Patrick Henry: please carefully read his stirring words. He had faith in God. He believed in Jesus Christ, I know from reading his other writings. He felt that the people of this land were being pushed into a war because the British government was not allowing them freedom, and, in fact, they were being threatened.
   If this health care bill goes through and you decide not to purchase the plan, you will be in violation of the law. Think about this carefully. If you decide not to purchase, you will be breaking the law. What will your punishment be?
  This is an extreme undermining of the whole free market system. Welcome to socialism; welcome to communism.We're all going to get an education, and it's not going to be about Patrick Henry. It's not going to be about freedom.

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