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Monday, December 7, 2009

Life for the Privileged

  Is life just for the privileged? Is it an option? Is it right for some to live and some not to live? 
Bearing children is becoming more and more like a trip to Walmart. First we check our pockets. Do we have enough money? Next we check our calendar. Do we have the time? Do we have the ability to pay for maintenance? What about colors? Sizes? Ability to store information? Oh, this is all being done scientifically now in the genetic circles. What ever happened to just accepting the blessing of a child? 
 Well, one might say, "We don't want any with defects!" To be sure, no one wants that. But God gives us challenges in our lives. Many of the children born with disabilities have given those that are caring for them a new capacity to love and nurture that they never thought they had. We learn, we grow. In my job working with disadvantaged and troubled children (many mentally and emotionally so) I have found a deeper ability to love those who may, on the surface, seem unlovable.
  Here is the privilege - to love.

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