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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rise Up America!

It's not too late to stop the carnage from continuing. We've waged a silent war against our unborn little ones. Very few people speak about it except in political circles. It's so horrifying that we are afraid to hear it's ugly name: abortion. It's a topical conversation that no one wants to have. Preachers should be shouting from the pulpits and we all should be shouting from the housetops! The voices of the never-born have been crying silently and we can not hear them! They were not given the opportunity to cry out! We must cry out for them.
Are we so blind to the horror of the deaths of nearly 50,000,000 babies since the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision that we will allow it to continue mindlessly, heartlessly and shamelessly? We all should be ashamed of our proclivity to sit on our hands when action needs to be taken. We need to speak up and be the voice of approximately 50,000,000 babies crying for an end to the injustice. It has long been known that unborn babies feel the pain of abortion and yet who but a monster would hurt a baby he can see? "Out of sight, out of mind", so goes the old adage. But we will all be held accountable when we stand before the Lord, individually and as a nation.
 This country is already being judged. The economic sanctions we are feeling for our disobedience to God's laws are being attributed to many factors, but the one great underlying factor is mostly ignored. As a nation we are living contrary to the laws of God. "Thou shalt not kill." (Exodus 20:13) Many good Bible translations interpret the word kill to actually mean "murder" in the original Hebrew.
 When our laws endorse murder, how can we expect to be blessed by our Lord?
 We are riding a wave, in this nation, of coercing those who don't believe in killing pre-born children, to pay for abortion services for those that do. National health care and insurance conversations include classifying abortions as health care. There is even conversation which would include abortion in a preventative healthcare classification. This wave is heavy and strong and I fear that we will crash on the rocks. The Hebrew word for "kill" is "ratsach"* which my Strong's Concordance defines as meaning, besides "murder", "to dash to pieces".  These little ones are broken in pieces during an abortion as their lives are deliberately taken. I fear that we will be dashed to pieces as a nation, when and if this wave we are riding finally hits the rocks on the beach and the taking of human lives is not only condoned but actually federally funded.

*The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, 1984 # 7523

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