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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eugenics, Hitler and Planned Parenthood

"During World War II the Nazis used sterilizations and abortions (also birth control and even the promotion of homosexuality) extensively in eastern Europe to carry out their eugenics policies. The specific aim was to keep eastern females available for slave labor while at the same time weakening eastern nations by hampering the reproduction of Slavic peoples."  by John Hunt, Ph.D. the
Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change
Vol 16, no. 1, 2001
  (Hunt cited, for his references for this statement -Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, October. 1946-April. 1949. Vols. IV-V, "The RuSHA Case" (Washington, D.C., U.S Government Printing Office, 1949), IV, 685-86 V, 95-96. Cited here- after as TWC. This is the published account of the trial, representing about 15% of the testimony.)

I have been studying much on the policies of Nazi Germany and Hitler. I have also looked into the policies and motivations behind the starting of Planned Parenthood, America's number 1 abortion supporter. Both Hitler and Margaret Sanger, the woman who started Planned parenthood, were students of Eugenics although Margaret Sanger's promotion of Eugenics ( planned breeding of humans with supposedly altruistic expectations) was one step off of Hitler's. Anyone slightly informed on the Second World War knows that Hitler wanted to produce one "Master Race." Sanger believed in selective breeding, that those unfit to be mothers should be forced into sterilization and not allowed to have children and while she often used the word "race", in context it seems as though she meant the human race and not one particular race. From what I have read, she purposed to promote breeding of only those who could afford to have children and of a fitter, healthier and more intelligent stock than those who had been "breeding". In the Pivot of Civilization, (Project Gutenberg e-book released 2006-02-22, first copyrighted in 1922) she wrote about "the great biological problems of defect, delinquency and bad breeding."and she wrote of her "vision of a world regenerated". (both on page 112). She really thought that things could be improved, as far as humans are concerned, and some of her arguments seem convincing such as the need to be able to afford the children that you have. From some of her writings, it's clear that she knew something about Jesus and called Him the Great Teacher. However it's also clear that she had no understanding that He is our only Savior. Her ideas of population control were very frightening. Who would determine who was fit to have a child or not? She didn't understand the need for a Savior and she certainly didn't look up to God. Both Sanger and Hitler thought they had really good motives to control birth. Both Sanger and Hitler attempted to play God.


  1. Yes- Margaret Sanger's ideas were frightening and still in full practice today. Racsim and Eugenics are the roots of her beliefs. Sanger founded Planned Parenthood with those goals. Check out teh film: Maafa21 for more on how her eugenic goals are affecting minorities: http://www.maafa21.com

  2. Thanks for the info saynsumthn. I've included the movietrailer at the bottom of this blog. The truth will eventually be well known. Let's pray that it matters enough to folks that they will be prodded to react and end the nonsense of government funding of Planned Parenthood! Melanie Jean